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Current programs

QRAA is a specialist administrator of government financial assistance programs including loans, grants, rebates and subsidies.

Since 1994, QRAA has established a reputation for cost-effective, timely, robust and transparent service delivery.

Through the assistance programs it administers, QRAA contributes to Queensland Government objectives by:

  • fostering the development of a more productive and sustainable rural and regional sector in Queensland
  • supporting the state’s economy by providing assistance to primary producers, small businesses and other elements of the state’s economy
  • giving assistance by administering programs for the Australian Government and other states in rural and regional sectors outside Queensland.
Travelling irrigator on pasture

Productivity Loans

If you are a primary producer looking to upgrade, expand or diversify your primary production enterprise or if you have the desire to enter into primary production or become a partner in an existing family operation, QRAA's First Start and Sustainability Loans can help you reach your goals.

Drought Recovery Concessional Loans Scheme

Drought Recovery Concessional Loans Scheme

Drought Recovery Concessional Loans are now available to help eligible farm businesses undertake planting and restocking activities. The Australian Government has committed $15 million for the provision of Drought Recovery Concessional Loans in Queensland in 2015-16.

Drought Concessional Loans

Drought Concessional Loans Scheme

Drought Concessional Loans are available to assist farm businesses recover from and prepare for future droughts and return to viability in the longer term. Under the scheme, the Australian Government has provided Queensland with $30 million for the provision of Drought Concessional Loans in 2015-16.

Gum boots walking through flooded area

Disaster recovery

Disaster-affected primary producers, businesses and non-profit organisations throughout Queensland may be eligile to apply for recovery assistance under the joint Commonwealth / Queensland Government funded Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).

Horses affected by the hendra virus quarantined

Hendra virus PPE Rebate Scheme

The Queensland Government has implemented a personal protective equipment (PPE) rebate scheme to assist private veterinary practices in offsetting the cost of eligible PPE for use by veterinary surgeons in the testing of suspect Hendra virus cases.

Last updated
4 April 2016