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Public interest disclosure

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (PID Act) provides unique protections from reprisal for QRAA officers disclosing information in the public interest, about: 

  • official misconduct 
  • maladministration 
  • waste of public funds 
  • negligent or improper management and 
  • a danger to public health, safety or the environment.

In certain circumstances the PID Act also provides protection to members of the community who make a public interest disclosure about a danger to:

  • public health and safety (including to the health or safety of a person with a disability)
  • the environment
  • a reprisal.

The QRAA Public Interest Disclosure Policy supports the principles in the PID Act including: 


QRAA is committed to operating openly and transparently.

To support professional and ethical standards QRAA is committed to ensuring public interest disclosures (PIDs) are properly assessed, investigated and actioned.

QRAA will promote employee awareness and implement appropriate procedures to support QRAA’s commitment and the appropriate management of PIDs. 


QRAA will maintain confidentiality of the matters or information provided as a PID including the person providing the information, except where disclosure is permitted under the PID Act.

Process – receiving a PID and management

How to lodge a PID:

Telephone: 07 3032 0100 - Request to speak with the General Manager Corporate Strategy and Support. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Public Interest Disclosures Officer
GPO Box 211
Brisbane 4001

In person (QRAA Head Office): Request to speak with the General Manager Corporate Strategy and Support. Level 2, Mineral House, 41 George St, Brisbane

QRAA’s preferred process for receiving a PID as outlined above in “How to lodge a PID” does not negate a discloser’s right to make the disclosure to:

  • the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries (Minister responsible for QRAA);
  • the CEO of QRAA; 
  • a member of the QRAA Board;
  • a manager who directly or indirectly supervises or manages the discloser;  
  • a QRAA officer who has the function of receiving or taking action on the type of information being disclosed e.g. Workplace Health and Safety Officer (where there is a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety). 

QRAA will provide to the discloser reasonable information on how the PID is to be managed and progressed including:

  • timeframes for the review;
  • progress of investigations;
  • the discloser’s involvement in any investigation;
  • confidentiality requirements;
  • protection under the Act; and 
  • how they will be advised of the outcomes of the PID. 
Last updated
10 May 2017