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The QRAA advantage

QRAA is a specialist administrator of government programs - we have the people, resources, assets and focus needed to support successful program outcomes.

Our program management processes and service advantages include:

  • Dedicated systems
    QRAA has a dedicated loan and grant administration system designed for the secure and cost-effective processing of program applications. This custom-built system ensures programs are managed efficiently to government best practice and program administration standards.

  • Scalability
    QRAA’s core business is administering government assistance programs and we maintain a ready capacity to administer both simple and complex programs. QRAA has the capability to scale-up resourcing and capacity within short time frames if required, for high volume programs that need to be delivered quickly to meet government imperatives or community needs.

  • Established appeals process
    QRAA is committed to ensuring that the end users of the programs we administer can appeal against decisions if they are dissatisfied with the outcome of their application. QRAA administers appeals in accordance with processes set out in the Rural and Regional Adjustment Act 1994.  Read more about QRAA's appeal process here...
  • Governance and compliance standards
    QRAA is well versed in governance and compliance standards and our service delivery strictly adheres to these standards to ensure transparency and accountability. This incorporates:
  • Legislative backing
    QRAA’s administration of financial assistance programs is backed by legislative authority. Under QRAA’s guiding Act, the Rural and Regional  Adjustment Act 1994, financial assistance programs are established as ‘approved schemes’ within the Rural and Regional Adjustment Regulation 2011. This provides QRAA with the legal anchor and obligation to provide financial assistance in accordance with the approved program objectives and eligibility criteria.

  • Information and financial management
    QRAA keeps proper and adequate records, books of account and supporting documentation in relation to programs administered for the relevant periods as prescribed in the Queensland Government General Disposal and Retention Schedules.  QRAA can also securely retain records for other periods of time as may be required by government agencies.

  • Risk management
    QRAA has structured risk management processes in place to identify, monitor and manage risks from the initial program planning and design stage through to final program evaluation.

  • Audit
    QRAA is subject to annual independent internal audits and external audits. These audits investigate QRAA’s finances and its compliance in administering programs in accordance with program criteria as set out in the relevant Regulation and associated program guidelines. QRAA has consistently performed well in past audits and earned a reputation as a robust and transparent administrator of financial assistance programs.

  • Confidentiality and privacy
    QRAA understands the sensitivity of applications under the programs we administer, as well as assessment information relating to applications. QRAA treats this information in an appropriate and secure manner and ensures all consents and disclosures align with relevant legislation.


QRAA Capability Statement

Capability Statement

Last updated
10 May 2017